Monday, December 5, 2016

Las Cruces, NM to Willcox AZ

After fueling up at Las Cruces, I headed on into Arizona, planning a stop-over in Willcox.
These were the first of the beautiful mountains after crossing the state line. I began to feel very peaceful inside...... Arizona has that effect on me... God's country some would say.

Wide open spaces....

A nut grove at the edge of town

I drove on past the town to the west side and pulled in the station there. They had propane so I got the tank filled, then headed back a half mile to Fort Willcox Campground. I failed to get a picture of the entry and the campground itself, but it is a very tidy place. The pull-through sites are gravel and have full hook-ups and a picnic table. I paid for 4 days and got set up. Sasha and Izzy were anxious for a walk. We had our supper then settled down for the evening.

A beautiful sunset was beginning in the western sky.

It turned from shades of light lavender with a pale yellow 
to oranges, pinks, and purples

With the deep blue mountains against the colorful sky, it was a beautiful end to a picture-perfect day! 
Tomorrow we take a trip into town. 

Psalm 104:3 He makes the clouds His chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Clovis NM to Las Cruces, NM

As the winds rose and temperatures dropped in Mule Shoe, I made ready to depart and go into Clovis NM and then southwest toward Alamagordo by way of rt 70. There was no picture taking time as the wind seemed to prevent me from making any time on this leg of the journey. Going into Roswell the daylight was fading, I did make a quick stop to let the dogs do their business, however not finding a convienient place to park for the night and no real rest areas like on the interstates, I kept going. Getting into the mountains the traveling wasn't too bad, but I could not see a place to pull off in time to get off the road. (I know..... I really need to plan better) Up , up, and round and up somemore in the mountains, always warning signs when I came to a steep down grade. I let my past semi-driver  training kick in and finally spotted a Walmart up a the hill on the left coming into Ruidoso, A quick look at traffic and sharp turn to the left had me going up to the parking lot. I surely hoped they had no problem with letting RV'ers park there overnight. It was late and I was tired. My eyes were tired. dogs had been fed and pottied earlier and were settled so I just went to bed.... didn't even change into my comfy jammies. Hopefully the pups could hold till morning and not go in the kennel. 
I woke to sunshine and cold in the morning. Having not really seen the hills I had been climbing through after dark, I was a bit delighted at the scene that met my eyes in the morning.

 I love western mountains!
The openness and vastness all around makes me feel very peaceful!
I had brought the dogs out to potty but the parking lot was paved clear up to the guide rails. Now Izzy had no trouble scooting under to do her business, but Sasha was another story. She would not jump the rail and thats likely a good thing because it was almost straight down on the other side. I wasn't sure I could get her back over if she had jumped. She also would not potty on the pavement, being of the fine upstanding breeding she is (Haha) After coaxing her I finally took them back to the motorhome and proceeded to get on my way. I would just have to find someplace else safe to stop where there was dirt and/or grass.
This was Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation land. I
 had seen a few casinos I could have stopped at but I made my way down the mountains and pulled off where there was a very wide paved spot and relieved the pooches there.

Across the highway, down into the valley below
the purple mountains were very magestic looking....

Sasha looking for gophers!!
Mountains we had just come through...

The little town of Tularosa, just north of Alamagordo, deserves a revisit! A very colorful town with interesting shops that I glimpsed as I made my way through town. Just no place to stop...
After Alamagordo we drove through an area I had been at before, delivering military freight in the semi with hubby. I was not prepared for the memories it stirred up;  memories of when we were proud and humbled to be able to serve our country delivering military goods after 9-11. This was the White Sands Missile Range and Holloman AFB.

I was able to stop for the night near Las Cruces, letting my dogs out of the kennel for supper and some play time with me before retiring for the night.  Tomorrow we fuel up, get the propane filled and head over to Willcox, AZ for a few days of kick back before going further. I have laundry to do and bookwork to catch up. I'm sure Sasha and Izzy think its about time for some real outdoor exercise

Thanks for coming along on my journey....

Isaiah 26:3 You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon You

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mule Shoe, Texas ; a great little town with a Big Heart!

I'd heard there was a large cold front coming across the plains and on eastward. So I didn't know whether to follow my planned route or "chicken out" and get south as far and fast as I could. But that little town of Mule Shoe sounded interesting from what one of the RV'ers on a facebook rv group was saying about it, and I had been across I-10 a dozen times already, not counting times in the truck with hubby. I was ready for something new so I decided I'd visit Mule Shoe, regardless of the forecast. On the way there I saw several miles of those huge windmills. They have always fascinated me, so high up on strong steel poles, their blades moving in a rather slow rhythmic pattern, On the ground beneath were fields of the remains of recently harvested cotton.
At the east end of town are huge cattle yards and an auction barn, A National Wildlife Refuge is on a road south of town, and had it been warmer I would have visited it. The town also has a very large antique store and many varied and interesting items were displayed outside.  As it was not only cold , but windy as well,  I forego visiting these places of interest.  I'm sure it would have been well worth my time. I can only hope to revisit some point in the future.

The nice thing was that in the center of town there was an empty gravel lot with hook-ups for 7 or so RV's, and all free for up to three days, then a small fee. What a nice accommodation  for a town of this small size! I stayed one night there and just hooked up to electric as I had water on board and had just dumped my black and gray water tanks in Abilene.

As night began to fall I noticed the muleshoe shaped decorations on the lightposts clear down the main street of town, adding a very unique atmosphere.

The next morning I was ready to put miles behind me and get to a warmer ( I hope) place.
 I would liked to have stayed longer but with the cold and me not feeling all that great, I felt it best to get on over to Clovis and get started SW to Alamagordo, NM.

Thanks for visiting!

! Peter 5: 7-9 Casting all your cares on Him for He cares for you...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Week and Repairs

Tuesday morning surprise! and not necessarily good..
I got ready to depart Lake Mike Conner Campground near Collins, MS. I unhooked the electric, put up the automatic jacks and picked the pads they rest on. I hadn't unhooked the car so nothing to do there except to plug in the braking system, or so I thought. The car battery was dead.... again. It had been giving me problems off and on. I was still able to tow it so I went to Auto Zone where the battery was promptly replaced at no charge as it had been under warranty. So it was going on 2 pm when I actually got going for the day.I drove to just west of Monroe, LA and stopped for the night at a truckstop. Gave the pups their attention and took myself to bed.

Wednesday Morning... I got up feeling quite refreshed and as the traffic didn't look too bad I decided to put as many miles behind me as possible. When I got close to Dallas/ Fort Worth area I had to decide whether to stop at the last rest area before the metropolis or go all the way through. Traffic was getting heavier and it was late afternoon, but I still felt fine so I decided to go for it. For some reason I always feel better when I have that leg of the journey behind me.The first place I found to stop was a rest area west of Weatherford about 7:30 pm. I was tired but I got the dogs fed and played with them a bit before heading to bed myself.

Thanksgiving Day...  found me continuing on toward Abilene, looking for a campground along the way. I stopped at one to inquire the price, but declined to stay. As I was pulling away to get back on I 20, a man in a pickup truck jumped out at the stop sign and informed me of a very flat front tire on my Rav. (I had had the tires checked before leaving PA as to the likelyhood of making the trip to AZ) Wondering where I could get the tire changed on Thanksgiving day, I started to slowly make my way around the next corner heading for the ramp ahead, when I spotted a tire shop on the far corner and a man walking around there. I pulled in and 'Yes, he could change the tire for me'. His wife came out and said they wouldn't normally be open but this year they were going to their daughter's for late afternoon dinner. I was so glad to find someone open and so close!! That was only one thing I was thankful for that day!
He had the tire changed quickly. It was a mess! I cannot imagine I had driven very far with it flat as I wasn't that far from where I had spent the night. I tipped him $5 which he didn't want to take but I insisted. He also informed me the other front one was not looking too healthy either. It was wearing very unevenly.
So wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving I left and got on my way. I still had about 70 miles to go to Abilene where I planned to stay till the holiday weekend was over. I stopped at another rest area to get some lunch and walk the dogs. I checked the net for RV camps. I chose to try one about 8 miles east of Abilene, and right off of I 20. They were not open but it had pull-through sites available on the honor system. It was a quiet campground with full hook-ups.The sites are gravel, but grass in between each space. There is a laundry shed with 2 washers and dryers available.  I was able to get tv reception here with about 10 channels. I pulled in and set up, and fed and walked the dogs.  I noticed no one else had their awning out so I took that as a sign that it could be windy there without too much notice, so I left my awning retracted as well.

 I heated up leftovers for my supper and just chilled the rest of the day. I sat and looked out my huge front window as the day was ending. What a beautiful sky!
The next day I snapped these pictures...
I did put out my awning long enough to take this one

And this one of the early morning sky
Rough looking entrance but don't judge it by that
Friday's galavantings... I called the nearest WalMart to see what they had for tires and if they could possibly get me in on Saturday. They said that Friday (Black Friday... ugh) would actually be better as they weren't that busy, but Saturday they would be. So off I went to Abilene. I decided to make it a worthwhile trip. I not only got tires put on, I also got a much needed haircut by a gal who also wasn't very busy that day. 'Terri' took alot of time with me giving me little hints and really working with my hair and gave me her opinion of products that would help my overly-dry hair problems. We talked and laughed and had a good time.
 I had a hard time figuring out how to take a good picture of us until she showed me how.
(permission granted to post her picture)
I also did some shopping for needed items on my list as I was still waiting on the tires.
It turned out to be a rather long day. Both Sasha and Izzy were glad to see me when I got back. Even though my feet hurt I took them out for a long walk and gave them treats and lots of hugs and petting.

Saturday...whew, getting tired of running! I was able to get my car in for alignment, and a good thing too, as the front was way out. And likely the cause of the flat.
 I also found a car wash nearby and took advantage of that.
On the way back this favorite drive-thru kept calling my name... I just had to stop and get a Cantina Power Bowl Burrito!
Home at last! done running!! (Home being the motorhome presently)
I surely had alot to be thankful for this week! Safety, provision, faithfulness of the Lord to supply my needs whatevr they were. The Bible says He will supply our need. I like to turn that around to " if I do all I can in my human ability, and He doesn't supply it, I don't need it"
Thanks for coming along on my journey!

1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care on Him, for He cares for you

Monday, November 21, 2016

From Paducah, Kentucky to Hot Coffee, Mississippi

It took me 2 days to get to my next destination. I left Friday noon heading toward Mayfield KY, on to Union City TN, then 45W to Jackson, TN. From there I took SR 18 into Holly Springs,MS. I found a Wal-Mart and dry-camped there overnight. The next morning found me heading across Rt 4 to Senatobia on I 55. That little stretch was a hairy ride to say the least!! I went that way to avoid Memphis, but there has to be a better way. Won't do that one again! I continued down I 55 to Jackson, MS and on to Mike Conner State Park near Collins, MS. I got there just about dark but did get parked in a pull-thru site. I waited till next morning to set up. My DD and SIL met me at the main road and guided me in. I had been there before and used their dump station, but had forgotten exactly how to get to it, and it would not come up on my GPS.
The next day, we went on a joy ride around the countryside and they took me to a lil town called "Hot Coffee". Yes there IS such a place ! You can even find it on You Tube, so they tell me!
Not much to it but worth it to say I been there! Its not quite as big as Luckenbach, TX! (south of Fredericksburg, where 'Willie and the boys' sang)



On our way back to camp, on a back road that Timmy knew, we passed this dilapidated old house. Now, I just love old houses, always seeing the character, the charm; always wondering if it was a happy home or if grief had been experienced there;
 I'm sure some of both, as that is the way life seems to go....
I just had to get a closer look. And because my daughter is a bit like me, well... 
There was no "No Trespassing" sign, at least we didn't see one, although we really tried not to look too hard. SIL said he'd hold the barbed wires apart for us, but HE wasn't going in.
So we got a bit closer, close enough to know it wasn't safe at all. The old tin roof was quite rusted but the chimney looked in fairly good shape. At least it was still standing. The brick porch posts were leaning and the porch floor looked like a heavy tree branch could finish it off.
The mammoth tree in the front yard was truely magnificent! I wondered if it had at one time held a tire swing on one of it's strong branches....
It was a beautiful tree with lovely form!
We did walk around a bit more, then exited the property, touching nothing. We made our way back to camp in time to walk the pups again, chat a bit, then they went home.

The next morning I was awake earlier than usual.
The campground I stayed at has a beautiful lake. The mist was just rising as I took the pups out for their walk about 7:15 Monday morning. The sun was shining bright and no wind, but still freezing cold, about 28*. I had a hard time getting the pups to sit still while I snapped a few pictures. 

I returned to the RV and put a roast in the crock-pot with a dry onion soup mix, and a small jar of my home-made tomato sauce. Then I got out the mid-sized crock-pot and started sweet potatoes and apples in that one. Later I cooked up some kale with bacon and onion, and a small side-dish of white beans. Later after DD and SIL got here I cooked up a cornbread in the convection oven. It was the first time I had used it. DD helped me figure it out. I am a sight learner. Reading directions? Not so much..
That was our early Thanksgiving dinner together. And we had plenty to be thankful for!We had a very good visit; talked a bit, and laughed alot! It was so good to be able to enjoy each other's company! I had purchased a painting from DD, Rachel, and she brought it to me. I promptly hung it on my wall. It looks beautiful in my new RV!  
Oh..... and the best part? A cotton bouquet from my SIL. Thank you soooo very much Timmy Ray!
Thanks you all for coming along with me. Leave a comment if you care to
I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. What you eat is not so important as sharing time with ones you love. God bless you each and every one!

Phil. 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always; I will say it again, rejoice!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Paducah, Historic Section and River Art Wall

This is the rest of the pictures from my local tour of Paducah the other day. i was disappointed to find out that the Truck driving school where I had taken my training had shut their doors permanently a couple years ago. I would have liked to stopped in and talked to the instructors. However, maybe they had just retired and had no one to take it over.
Anyway I went down a couple familiar streets that I had seen at the time. The old section of town with its small shops looked somewhat the same, bringing a smile to my face. They were already putting out Christmas wares. A little early for my taste, but thats the way they do things now
I would have loved to have the time to look around this antique store! I can just imagine the treasures they would have inside!
I loved the structure of this warehouse type building turned museum. I wondered if it might have been a train station at one time, as the train museum was close by,
and an old locomotive was just up the street and around the corner. I saw one young girl and her mother exiting the engine. Again, I just didn't have the time but to snap a few picutres. Thats the way it is when you have fur-babies , and one in training, waiting for you to get back to camp 20+ miles away. So I went on snapping pictures along the river wall.
And there is the train up ahead.
I can remember living by the railroad tracks growing up and massive engines like this one would come roaring past the house!

After seeing the train I had to circle back and get pictures of the rest of the river wall.
Glory days of the river boats!

And the barges that carry goods up and down the river

Beautiful scenes....

....of  earlier times,
showing the colorful history of this area
To see this wall completed with quaint streetlights and all, made my delayed stop in the area worthwhile. I'm glad I didn't miss being able to visit.
That is one of my goals on this trip; to slow down, take each day at a time , and enjoy the journey!!

Thanks for coming along with me.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is an appointed time for everything,
 and there is a time for every event under the sun....