Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Lady Blue" and Other News

Lady Blue is back home today. The guy at the transmission shop told me that wherever I had had it serviced (I am thinking it was west TX, on the way home) they put the wrong gasket on the oil pan and had dinged the pan in and that was the cause of my leak. He kept it there an extra day just to make sure of no leaks. Said it drove and shifted like it should. I am very thankful thats all that was wrong.
My brother and SIL left their home in Tuscon, Arizona today to make their way here to PA in their motorhome. Their kids and grands are anxious to see them. What a reunion that will be!
I have been making some progress as to getting back to a realistic meals/snacks plan, and as a result I have been starting to feel better. I have been able to do more yard work and have been enjoying it. I decided that some of these overgrown flowerbeds are just going to have to be totally pulled out and re-done. I did find a good natural weed killer on-line. Would you believe white vinegar???? Full strength in your sprayer. Well if it doesn't rain I will be trying it tomorrow and will take before and after pictures to post.
My electrician grandson came Sunday afternoon and put up 3 ceiling fans for me! I was so glad to get this done. I had bought them last year. This year is already warm and quite humid. 
A week ago I "inherited" a couple of my grandmother's paintings, as my 3 cousins were settling my uncle's estate. He had passed away in Dec of last year. These are now hanging over my loveseat in the room where I paint.Great inspiration for me.
Memorial Day weekend will find my family gathered at my son Robert's home for a picnic, as he is still in a wheel chair. So we are bringing the picnic to him! He has been a trooper with very little (in his eyes) advancement and his wife has been very faithful and consistant in his care. She has been a jewel! It will be good to have us all together in one place at the same time.
Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day celebrations. I am sure we will all be remembering those who have given their lives for our freedom.


JO said...

Good new's with Lady Blue. In the sence that it was not worse but to bad about the repair job in TX.

Those painting are really beautiful so enjoy them in your own art room.

Can wait to see your pics of your gardens.

Susan said...

Thanks for the update on Robert. I have thought of him often and wondered how he was doing. Have a wonderful "family reunion". Sounds divine!!!

Julie Fukuda said...

I love seeing your up-beat post. The paintings are so lovely. I would be inspired too.

Dar said...

MH problems are never fun. I'm actually wishing I had some as we sold our ride yrs. ago.
White vinegar~did it work? I'll have to try that trick. I have plenty of weeds to whither.
so sweet, to be inspired by your Grandmother's paintings...purely wonderful. she was quite the artist. Now we know where you get your talent. and nice your whole family will be together soon.
Life IS Good as GOD

Genevieve Netz said...

Those are beautiful paintings! It's nice that they're yours to enjoy.

Nancy1340 said...

'Bout time you checked in again, don't you think?