Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another project finished

Its been rainy and cold the last few days. Even had some snow which didn't stay around, but it was snow. Haven't been outside. Just huddled in my great-room with my fake fireplace on, and finished these......
My first attempt at knitting cables. I am pretty happy with them, so happy I am wearing them today!
I attempted to take some pictures of birds at my feeders this morning. Yes, that is an oriole on the wire of the seedfeeder. He's looking at the empty hummingbird feeder on the tree beside them. Flickers are fun to watch
as well as the downy woodpeckers and little goldfinches here.
I also had male and female cardinals visit, but the pictures did not turn out at all. The bluejays left before I could even grab my camera. Yesterday I snapped this photo of the little hummer outside my window.
and the jay up in the treetop
Supposed to start clearing and warming up today. Good day for a walk...


JO said...

Just read the post before this one.
A little slow in my reading.

I never feel settled either. Don't know what it is. I love being up here in the mountains but wish I could move around and camp in camp grounds near to the lakes.

I you buy animals how will you travel?
I am glad you are blogging again.

Jen said...

Cute Socks. I hope one day I can learn how to make a pair. Cute bird pics.

jamminalong said...

Sunny I love the socks!! Once you learn how to makes cables you question why you were so scared to start them, LOL!

Keep us posted on the tranny. Hopefully it's something simple and a quick easy fix.

Cheers! ~M

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

There's nothing like a beautiful, hand-knitted pair of socks to put a smile on someone's face! I started knitting a pair of socks (two socks at a time using the circular needles method), and am inches away from finishing them - you have inspired me to get them back out and start knitting!