Friday, September 26, 2014

Repairs and More Repairs

My pretty "Lady Blue" got her new tranny in and running just fine. Well..... the tranny is.
She's had a little trouble with her "git-up-n-go" apparatus. Oh dear, no fun being sick! And talk about the cost of office visits (repair garage) and the cost of another surgery (part replacement)!!
Seems her "git-up-n-go" got up and went!
She had to go back to the "doctor" and be "re-diagnosed". This time it seems the throttle feed, which is electronically controlled by a rheostat, not cable, had started to fail just when the new tranny had renewed all of our excitement about looking forward to the upcoming journey. I am sure glad to be learning about it now instead of breaking down somewhere, after we started out. Thanking the Lord!!
Part is ordered ($$$'s zoweeeee!!) will be put in Monday. Mechanic felt so bad about taking so long with the tranny he is only charging me for the part, not labor. Well, that is some good news!
  Rav4 toad has new back tires and rotors.
Maybe now,  we can all stay well and get going before the cold weather hits??
Oh, and Izzy has been to the vet for a checkup and to the groomer for a shampoo and trim.
"Can we go now, Mommy, please??"
We are all just chomping at the bit to get out there again, although it will be another couple weeks yet.  Can you say "FREEDOMmm"???
PS. 103:1-5

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Going on the Road Again!

Yes!!  I will once again be on the road this fall! I am so excited!!
"Myself, my lovely Lady Blue, and Izzy too" are planning on leaving within a month for parts unknown! (did I tell you how excited I am??)
Scene near Otto Mill, in NY
Let me back up just a little.... last year I felt I was to stay home and spend Christmas holidays with my kids and families. I had had a wood stove installed and lots of wood on hand to keep warm. Besides I was enjoying keeping a couple milk goats again and some other critters, About the second week in January I was hit with an osteo-arthritus flare-up that was so debilitating I could hardly get out of bed. Some days I barely fed myself. It had gone through my whole body. It seems the extreme weather and the fact that it was my first winter back in northwestern PA since 2003, was taking its toll on me. All I remember about the rest of Jan and Feb is lots of pain and having to have my DIL come each day to take care of my animals and get wood in for me. Daughter #1 and #2 also came many, many times to help. To make a long story short I gave up all animals except my beautiful heritage chickens, which I thoroughly enjoy. My doctor put me on medication which took another 3-4 weeks to kick in. The only activity I could muster was knitting, and therefore developed severe carpeltunnel which led to surgery in April. That went well, the medicine was working fairly well, and I began recooperating and gaining my strength back. Just in the last month I have felt really recovered.
Remains of Otto Mill in NY
I took a 3-hr trip the last couple days in August, driving my little Rav4 to my sister's in NY to see how well I could manage. I am glad to say I did just fine. At the same time my RV went into a transmission shop to have the tranny replaced. I just need to have it inspected and the tires checked and rotated and then I can begin to pack. 
Fort Niagara

Fort Niagara Lighthouse
I have been out of the loop so long, probably no one will be reading this but that's okay. At least it is down for my record. But if you do chance by to read it, thank you and have a great day!! 
Niagara River that joins Lake Ontario to Lake Erie
Isaiah 41:10

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Switching Blogs For a Time

As I won't be traveling til sometime next year, I decided to switch back to my former blog,
Just click on the name to go there.
I hope to record my adventures of making a go of it on 1 and 1/3 acres. I have some catching up to do, but it has been an exciting summer so far for me.
Thank you all for following along as I went through my adjustment to widowhood and learning about RV'ing.
Hope you all have happy travels and sunny days ahead!
May the Lord bless your journeys!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Lady Blue" and Other News

Lady Blue is back home today. The guy at the transmission shop told me that wherever I had had it serviced (I am thinking it was west TX, on the way home) they put the wrong gasket on the oil pan and had dinged the pan in and that was the cause of my leak. He kept it there an extra day just to make sure of no leaks. Said it drove and shifted like it should. I am very thankful thats all that was wrong.
My brother and SIL left their home in Tuscon, Arizona today to make their way here to PA in their motorhome. Their kids and grands are anxious to see them. What a reunion that will be!
I have been making some progress as to getting back to a realistic meals/snacks plan, and as a result I have been starting to feel better. I have been able to do more yard work and have been enjoying it. I decided that some of these overgrown flowerbeds are just going to have to be totally pulled out and re-done. I did find a good natural weed killer on-line. Would you believe white vinegar???? Full strength in your sprayer. Well if it doesn't rain I will be trying it tomorrow and will take before and after pictures to post.
My electrician grandson came Sunday afternoon and put up 3 ceiling fans for me! I was so glad to get this done. I had bought them last year. This year is already warm and quite humid. 
A week ago I "inherited" a couple of my grandmother's paintings, as my 3 cousins were settling my uncle's estate. He had passed away in Dec of last year. These are now hanging over my loveseat in the room where I paint.Great inspiration for me.
Memorial Day weekend will find my family gathered at my son Robert's home for a picnic, as he is still in a wheel chair. So we are bringing the picnic to him! He has been a trooper with very little (in his eyes) advancement and his wife has been very faithful and consistant in his care. She has been a jewel! It will be good to have us all together in one place at the same time.
Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day celebrations. I am sure we will all be remembering those who have given their lives for our freedom.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another project finished

Its been rainy and cold the last few days. Even had some snow which didn't stay around, but it was snow. Haven't been outside. Just huddled in my great-room with my fake fireplace on, and finished these......
My first attempt at knitting cables. I am pretty happy with them, so happy I am wearing them today!
I attempted to take some pictures of birds at my feeders this morning. Yes, that is an oriole on the wire of the seedfeeder. He's looking at the empty hummingbird feeder on the tree beside them. Flickers are fun to watch
as well as the downy woodpeckers and little goldfinches here.
I also had male and female cardinals visit, but the pictures did not turn out at all. The bluejays left before I could even grab my camera. Yesterday I snapped this photo of the little hummer outside my window.
and the jay up in the treetop
Supposed to start clearing and warming up today. Good day for a walk...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What now?

"The Old Road...."
I have been "home" a month now. I have planted one raised bed of my garden, and the asparagus and rhubarb are up strong. I considered getting some chickens to put in the coop, maybe a few turkeys to raise for thanksgiving meals. I even fell in love with a couple goat kids listed on craigs*list,
and my bees are flying.
I got a parakeet to put into my birdcage I got last fall, well 2 of them...
I've worked on my yard and flower beds.... some. I have my chiminea set up near my outdoor swing.
I have visited with my kids and grands, and even some cousins .......
For some reason, I am just not getting into this "home-body" thing. I feel restless... I have been experiencing anxiety feelings again, and anger feelings because my 'whatever' wants to cry; and I, well I just want to get on with my life.....
My motorhome sits with a tran-y leak til next Monday when it goes to the repair shop to see whats wrong. Otherwise I'd probably be outta here.
My plans were to stay in PA til just after Christmas next year. Why can I not be content for very long??? Why can't I feel settled?? Will life never be normal again? I know.... normal is a figment of the imagination....
No need for comments. Just had to get this out.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Good-bye Arizona!

Time has come to head back east.
I will be taking a vacation from blogging and facebook for a while.
I will be reading all your blogs from time to time, just won't be posting.
I am thankful for the ones I have met while here and for the places I have been able to see.
I just need a break to get back to my "roots" and review my goals and life directions.
May you all be safe on your journeys.