Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Playing Quicky Catch-up, Chapter 4

Saturday, Nov 1
The temperature had dropped and it was windy so I ran the heater all day. I thought I was being a wimp, till I saw a boy with a ski mask on, lol! Camp host, Jerry, got the handles off the rectangular basket I keep my movies and DVD's in, so it would fit properly in its place. This way I don't need to bring out one movie at a time to see if its the one I want to watch. I have been doing quite well with this organization project of mine. Need to fit a lot of stuff in small spaces.
I decided to take a break and do some painting. This was my 4th painting of Energy Lake.
I loved how the sun threw shadows of the trees on the ground while the leaves were falling.
Sunday was a rest day, I painted a little more and got stuff put away as we would be leaving in the morning. I mapped out my route, I would take I-24 east to Nashville, then I-65 south to I-20/I-59. We used to travel the 20/59 when driving truck, and I had always loved the route.
I got the Rav4 hooked up in the morning with no problem although it was on a slight incline. I made good time and drove to Tuscaloosa, AL before stopping for the night. I was only 3 hrs from Daughter #3 just north of Hattiesburg MS. My fridge was giving me fits again about not running consistently so I wanted to get there asap to get plugged into electric.  
Next chapter- tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Playing Quicky Catch-up, Chapter 3

The next day I drove into Cadiz, stopped at McDonalds for a coffee and use their wifi, and then drove on to Hopkinsville W*M. I got everything on my list; a new battery wall clock, a set of plastic drawers for my knitting and sewing supplies, and a few plastic food containers. The drawers fit nicely under the pull-up-n-out table between the 2 chairs, and hold all my supplies. I use the table for my sewing machine, computer, or if I am painting.
I brought material with me to make new curtains for the coach. My mini blind wont stay up, keeps falling, so have the window behind the chairs temporarily covered with a flannel sheet. Looks bad I know, but does the job.
That night was down to 31*! My furnace and electric heater ran off and on all night. Almost time to head further south!
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Playing Quicky Catch-up, Chapter 2

After getting some much-needed rest, I put a beef roast in the crock-pot. It was foggy that morning. I made a list of groceries needed and cleaned the windows on the toad, which I hadn't had time to do before leaving home. I took a short ride to Taylor Bay, stopped at the Hemitite Cemetary, where many earlier residents were buried, before the lakes were made and they were forced out of their homes. Some of the names on the ancient-looking graves seemed to be Indian names. I drove on to the wildlife observation area where I saw several deer grazing in the fields about 5 pm. It was a very peaceful time again at Energy Lake.
Arriving back at camp, there was a good supper waiting for us. The roast beef, coleslaw, and potato salad. Yummy!! I was beginning to regain my appetite.
Izzy was happy to be on the leash and taking walks with me again.
I wore her out and she slept like a baby! She took to being in the RV again like a duck to water and is very content. I am very happy to have her with me. She is great company, and I like it when it is just the two of us. Life takes on a certain simplicity, and we are very content.
"Nap time"
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Playing Quicky Catch-Up, Chapter 1

I will never, ever totally unpack my RV again.... EVER.
So long to get packed back up, I ended up throwing things in the back seat and rear of the toad just so I could get moving. I finally left PA about 1 pm on Oct 27th. I drove to Hubbard Ohio and stopped for the night at a truck stop between 2 trucks. They did not keep me awake. I slept like a log!
When I got up in the morning the gas for the fridge was not working. I had to get plugged into electric for the night so paid the price and spent the night at Elizabethtown Crossroads Campground. The owner there worked a bit with my fridge and got it working on gas again. He said it might be air in the lines from non-use. Hmmmm.... o-k I guess.
The next day I traveled to Bowling Green, thoroughly enjoying the exquisite colors nature had lavishly bestowed on this area of Kentucky this year! I decided to take an unplanned  detour and drove by the old home place and snapped a few photos. It was good to go there, as I was finally able to put closure to that part of my old life. I really had enjoyed the farm, but that is past, and I cannot go forward by looking back and second-guessing my decision to sell the place. 
At the end of Williams RD
The soybean fields of the farm
Leaving it behind and closing the door....
I met my friend Debbie, that day and we had lunch together. It was good to see each other again. We do keep in touch and she will always be a part of my life. Then I drove on over to Energy Lake where I got set up, took Izzy for a short walk, went to bed early, and crashed!
Look for the next chapter in my adventures!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Closer to Leaving

Packing up! All repairs (that I know were needed) are finally done! Just waiting on a couple Rx's from my doctor. A lot has happened in the last 3 weeks. My computer was jeopardized, my debit card compromised, and I am fighting depression from lack of sunshine. No matter, all has been repaired except me, and that's coming. Hens have been "fostered out" while Izzy and I take a much needed vacation.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Delays ..... But Not all Bad

One week later....
Waiting on the right rheostat for the fuel feed to come in to be put in my RV. After two new rheostats that neither one fit, I decided to go ahead and have the used one put in as my son had assured me that they ever rarely go bad. Trying my best to be patient  <smile>. 

Then, on the other side of this, I am also looking at the possibility of full-timing for a while. I am feeling such urgency to get away. I guess with all the activity here at this home, making it a home, isn't very satisfying for me. I "re-created" here what mimicked the happiest times of my life, a home with animals and garden, just like Hubby and I had, and like we did when kids were growing up. A councilor once told me that sometimes we seek to go back to the happiest times of our life so that we can start from there and heal. But having no one to share the work and rewards with has left me feeling quite empty.
Tonight I took a ride in my truck just to get out of the house (area). As I drove around, I wondered what was keeping me from feeling peaceful, what was nagging at me. Finally it occurred to me that
I am not the same person that I was then.... why am I trying to be?

Isaiah 26:3

Friday, September 26, 2014

Repairs and More Repairs

My pretty "Lady Blue" got her new tranny in and running just fine. Well..... the tranny is.
She's had a little trouble with her "git-up-n-go" apparatus. Oh dear, no fun being sick! And talk about the cost of office visits (repair garage) and the cost of another surgery (part replacement)!!
Seems her "git-up-n-go" got up and went!
She had to go back to the "doctor" and be "re-diagnosed". This time it seems the throttle feed, which is electronically controlled by a rheostat, not cable, had started to fail just when the new tranny had renewed all of our excitement about looking forward to the upcoming journey. I am sure glad to be learning about it now instead of breaking down somewhere, after we started out. Thanking the Lord!!
Part is ordered ($$$'s zoweeeee!!) will be put in Monday. Mechanic felt so bad about taking so long with the tranny he is only charging me for the part, not labor. Well, that is some good news!
  Rav4 toad has new back tires and rotors.
Maybe now,  we can all stay well and get going before the cold weather hits??
Oh, and Izzy has been to the vet for a checkup and to the groomer for a shampoo and trim.
"Can we go now, Mommy, please??"
We are all just chomping at the bit to get out there again, although it will be another couple weeks yet.  Can you say "FREEDOMmm"???
PS. 103:1-5