Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I did the winter in PA! Yay!!

I am so thankful it was an easy winter this year! I kept my woodstove humming, had a neighbor that kept me plowed out with his ATV and a plow on front, even the path to the hen houses and rabbit pens. I knitted and painted all winter. Spring came and I planted peas mid-April, and am now enjoying the fresh produce. My Kale survived the winter and I ate alot of that. I also was able to stay on my half-dose of celebrex without too much arthritic discomfort.
Aparagus, Blueberry bed, and Raspberry bed off to a good start for the year,
along with fruit trees. A Bartlett Pear i put in last fall, a Winesap apple ans 2 Plum trees added this spring.
My herb bed cleaned and expanding,
Yummy fresh green peas,
Eggs of several colors from my chickens,
Aren't they pretty??

Ok so now anyway wondering about this coming winter and getting the itch to go on the road again. Problem being I don't trust Lady Blue to not break down on me and being a single, thinking I should have something safer. She would make a great "week-end" camper for someone with a mechanically inclined husband :) I have been looking for a unit a bit more suitable for me, and think I may have finally found it. More on that later....

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

More repairs.....

I did find out what Lady Blue's brake problem is and it not a master cylinder as expected. It is the ABS system causing the braking to mal-function. So..... the mechanic called for a new part to repair it. Uh oh, Ford no longer makes these parts ( LB is 20 years old as of January, well, probably already)
Mechanic said they can get a used part. It will take a week to get it shipped in, and he says hopefully it will work. No guarantees.  Say what? Ok so if this $250 part doesn't work, we look for another one that also might not work?? Hmmmm.....

As this year is supposed to be a little warmer winter in my region, I thought about not leaving out till at least after November anyway and maybe even the middle of December. Although Miss Izzy is anxious to go traveling as well. she even got treated to a spa day lately!

Meanwhile, I have been doing lots of yard work and trying to get things taken care of so there is not so much to do in the spring. Garden beds are being cleared and topped with lots of rich organic matter (known as compost from kitchen/garden scraps, leaves, and chicken manure)

I have thought long and hard about selling this sticks and bricks place and going full-time. I could do it and be perfectly happy......except I dont want to give up my chickens. Now isn't that silly?

I view my home here as my "summer camp". It is really peaceful, and serene.... if I don't have to look at the road in front of my house, and all the neighbors houses, and only view the back acre. I do have really nice neighbors, but sometimes I feel so closed in by it all.
More next time..... Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gypsy Voice Calling....

I don' know what there is about fall that makes this gypsy in me get the urge to travel....
Hmmm, maybe this is the reason!

Actually 2 weeks ago I sent for Benchmark map books for Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada, as well as added the new "RV Camping in Corp of Engineers Parks" book to my kindle library. 
I had to have a new alternator put on Lady Blue this summer, as well as a complete new awning; and a timing chain repair done to my Rav4 toad. I need to get the brakes on Lady Blue checked out, and we should be ready to roll again. 
This year I am leaving half the stuff I used to pack at home. I found out I didn't need that many clothes, jackets, dishes, and several other gadgets that I had packed before.

Izzy will be going with me again. I think she will enjoy it. She always does.
No people visiting plans this year.... just travel and see whats over the next hill. Going to see if I can get some spark back into my life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On to Houston

Just when I think I am going to get caught up something else happens and I find my self further behind than I was before. How does that happen??
After I left Biloxi I drove the next couple days and took my time getting to Houston where I met up with Tex-Cyn, friend, fellow RV'er and blogger. I spend 4 days at the campground she is parked at. We had fun checking out the sales at PPL RV sales there in Houston, and had lunch one day at Olive Garden. We also visited  fresh food market where the prices were really good. We talked, took pictures and I met several of her friends. She has a nice little patio area beside her RV with several different plats and yard ornaments. She has it fixed up really nice! Her beautiful Saluki dogs have a safe outside run to exercise in. In the field in back of the RV park are these two burros. Beautifully colored but not too friendly. Perhaps they were afraid of Izzy.

She often thinks she needs to be friends with everything and everybody,
 even if they don't share her sentiment.
Cindy and I were laughing so much we could barely get a good picture taken.
We did enjoy our visit and I hope she gets back to Pennsylvania in the not to distant future to visit her mom, because then I would get to see her also.
Next stop was Goose Lake, Texas, just north of Port Aransas.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Gulfport / Biloxi, Mississippi

I especially wanted to visit the beach here, as Kessler AFB was the birthplace of my eldest daughter. We lived only a couple blocks away from the beach at the time and I used to take walks down to the beach with her in the stroller. It was overcast the day I stopped here to take a few pictures.
I loved seeing the sea grasses waving in the gentle breeze.

Walking along the water brought back those special memories
I had walked quite a distance out from the motorhome parked in one of the pull-offs available, and turned back to take this photo.
Coming into the city of Biloxi....
Lighthouse at Biloxi, draped with long strings of lights for the Christmas season.
As I was leaving the area I was able to get this one last shot, especially for my daughter, as a keepsake of her birthplace.
Words cannot express my feelings at having returned to this place after sooo many years. It was quite an emotional time for me.I know that she understands...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Next stop - Mississippi!

Two days after leaving Kentucky I entered Mississippi  Nov 4th on route 59, and made my way to daughter #3's home just north of Hattiesburg. I was set up on no time right handy to their home.

 To make a long story short, I spent 5 wonderful weeks there, getting to know her future husband and some of his family. Also spending time with my daughter,
seeing some of the local sights
 painting, having coffee together in the mornings, going to Hobby Lobby together (for art supplies and to keep each other in check :)  )
 I also enjoyed very much attending her church with her. It's called OverFlow and is located in McGee, MS. A really down-to-earth pastor and a congregation full of love,
as evident in their ministry.
Also daughter #4 and family made the trip from Dallas, TX to come spend a few days at Thanksgiving time.
 Lots of hugs and good times! Daughters made Christmas wreaths, enjoyed shopping and painting together. Bond fire in the evening with family and friends topped it off!
Time to leave the area was hard, but I needed to get on with my travels.
We said our "see ya later"s and I left to head down toward Gulfport.

Playing Quicky Catch-up, Chapter 4

Saturday, Nov 1
The temperature had dropped and it was windy so I ran the heater all day. I thought I was being a wimp, till I saw a boy with a ski mask on, lol! Camp host, Jerry, got the handles off the rectangular basket I keep my movies and DVD's in, so it would fit properly in its place. This way I don't need to bring out one movie at a time to see if its the one I want to watch. I have been doing quite well with this organization project of mine. Need to fit a lot of stuff in small spaces.
I decided to take a break and do some painting. This was my 4th painting of Energy Lake.
I loved how the sun threw shadows of the trees on the ground while the leaves were falling.
Sunday was a rest day, I painted a little more and got stuff put away as we would be leaving in the morning. I mapped out my route, I would take I-24 east to Nashville, then I-65 south to I-20/I-59. We used to travel the 20/59 when driving truck, and I had always loved the route.
I got the Rav4 hooked up in the morning with no problem although it was on a slight incline. I made good time and drove to Tuscaloosa, AL before stopping for the night. I was only 3 hrs from Daughter #3 just north of Hattiesburg MS. My fridge was giving me fits again about not running consistently so I wanted to get there asap to get plugged into electric.  
Next chapter- tomorrow...